45 Great Tasting, Healthy, Easy Protein Smoothie & Shake Recipes! 
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You will love these recipes, the options and how this book is laid out to make it easy for you to add healthy, delicious and time saving smoothie and shake recipes into your daily routine! 
This Recipe Book Includes:
  • Complete Macro Profiles of The Recipes
  • Simple Ingredients
  • East To Follow Shopping List And Instructions
  • 45 Options For Your Healthy Day
About The Author
Dr. Carrie Burrows
Dr. Carrie Burrows has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. 

She holds her PhD in Nutritional Sciences, is a working nutritional and diet consultant along with a functional fitness trainer who has helped tens of thousands of people change their lives! 
Dr. Carrie is a mom of three active children so she know the importance of fast, healthy nutrition. These recipes are good enough for her family...they're good enough for yours. 
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